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PVC co-extruded board is a new benchmark for fireproof performance

With the continuous progress of materials science, we have witnessed the innovation and upgrading of many materials. Among them, PVC co-extruded board has become a new favorite in many fields with its excellent fireproof performance. Although polyvinyl chloride (PVC) itself has a certain flammability, after advanced co-extrusion process, PVC co-extruded board has successfully overcome this problem and demonstrated excellent fireproof performance.

Traditional PVC materials are easy to burn and produce toxic smoke when a fire occurs due to their molecular structure. However, the emergence of PVC co-extruded board has completely changed this situation. Through the co-extrusion process, flame retardants and other additives are evenly integrated into PVC materials, and these additives play a vital role at critical moments.

Flame retardants are the key to the fireproof performance of PVC co-extruded board. They can decompose quickly when the material is heated, producing inert gas or water vapor, thereby diluting the oxygen concentration in the air and reducing the amount of oxygen required for combustion. At the same time, flame retardants can also form a dense carbonized layer covering the surface of the material, isolating oxygen and heat, and slowing down the spread of flames.

In addition to flame retardants, other additives such as antioxidants and plasticizers are added to the co-extrusion process, which can further enhance the fire resistance of PVC co-extruded boards. They can improve the thermal stability of the material and reduce the decomposition rate of the material at high temperatures, thereby extending the fire resistance time of the material.

PVC co-extruded boards treated by the co-extrusion process have achieved a higher level of fire resistance. According to different test standards and requirements, PVC co-extruded boards can reach a fire resistance level of B1 or higher. This means that when a fire occurs, PVC co-extruded boards can effectively prevent the spread of the fire and buy precious time for personnel evacuation and fire fighting.

In addition, the smoke density generated by PVC co-extruded boards when burning is relatively low. This is because flame retardants and other additives can reduce the toxic smoke generated by the material during the combustion process and reduce the harm to personnel health. This feature makes PVC co-extruded boards widely used in places where high fire resistance is required, such as public buildings, underground spaces, etc.

PVC co-extruded boards have become a shining pearl in the field of materials science with their excellent fire resistance. Through the co-extrusion process and the application of flame retardants, PVC co-extruded sheets have successfully overcome the flammability of PVC materials themselves and demonstrated excellent fire resistance. In the future development, we have reason to believe that PVC co-extruded sheets will play their unique role in more fields and contribute to human safety and well-being.